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HumanaCare delivers individual work-life balance for personal and business success through our first-rate Employee and Family Assistance Programs and other Employee Wellness Services.

With HumanaCare as your partner, corporate culture, wellness, and moral are proactively addressed. HumanaCare improves the overall success of an organization by decreasing absenteeism and costs associated with disability, while increasing employee productivity.

HumanaCare helps employers support their employee’s need for work/life balance by delivering cost-effective, user friendly work-life and wellness benefits. We personalize a continuum of care, for the employee or family member, to deal with issues of addictions, conflict, depression, stress, or major life events. Organizations in which employees have the skill, desire, and opportunity to succeed in work and in life collectively achieve balance and organizational victory.

As a boutique provider, HumanaCare focuses on quality, reliability, performance, reputation, industry leadership, responsiveness, and integrity. Instead of focusing on and reacting to negative incidences in the workplace, HumanaCare offers preventative and proactive strategies to help businesses thrive and achieve optimal organizational success.


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